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This page contains older Staff communications. For notices dated 19 November 2019 or later browse the news and events hub on the Staff Intranet.

Murdoch University’s new intranet is coming

Published: 15th October 2019

Following a successful pilot with 70 Murdoch staff members the new intranet will go live later this month for all University staff.


Murdoch’s intranet will be a new way for the University to share important information with you, provide access to resources and tools and create opportunities for staff to connect with each other.

As an integral part of our strategic plan, the intranet will enable new ways of collaborating, learning, working and engaging with you as colleagues.

Staff are invited to attend one of a series of lunch time learning sessions being hosted by IT Services so you can learn more about your new intranet. 

  • 11:30am-12:30pm, Monday, 21 October, ECL4 - Lecture Theatre (460.3.028)
  • 12-1pm, Tuesday 22 October, ECL3 - Lecture Theatre (460.3.030)
  • 12:30-1:30pm, Wednesday 23 October, ECL3 - Lecture Theatre (460.3.030)
  • 12-1pm, Thursday 24 October, ECL3 - Lecture Theatre (460.3.030)
  • 12-1pm, Friday 25 October, 12-1pm, ECL4 - Lecture Theatre (460.3.028)

The Intranet will provide a new contemporary home page and be your front door to the information you need on a daily basis. You are encouraged to provide feedback to help shape and evolve the future of the intranet as we progress migration of content from old sites and develop more personalised and integrated experiences. 

Initially, you will still have access to all content within the existing Staff landing pages while you familiarise yourself with Murdoch Intranet . 

Please direct any queries about this initiative to the Murdoch Intranet project team.