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Join the Murdoch team for WA Bike Month

Published: 24th October 2019

Murdoch University is participating in the first WA Bike Month Challenge.


WA Bike Month is an initiative of the Department of Transport and West Cycle and will run this November.  It’s a fun and free program encouraging all West Australians to ride a bike and compete against hundreds of other organisations (and individuals) to earn points to go into the running for prizes.


It’s free to join in and just by riding your bike for ten minutes or more, anywhere and at any time, then recording your kilometres online via the Murdoch team site, you can watch Murdoch climb up the leader board.


Entrants can win a $1000 local bike shop voucher and other great prizes.


No matter whether you’re a regular rider or a novice, you can enjoy the benefits of being involved including better health and the opportunity to actively demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.


Riding a bike enables people to enjoy a healthier and more active lives

  • 30 minutes of daily cycling reduces the chance of heart attack, obesity and diabetes

Riding a bike improves mental health and social inclusion

  • Regular exercise helps reduce stress, improved sleeping patterns, improved concentration and a better outlook on life. More people riding provides greater opportunities for incidental interaction on the streets, enhancing a sense of community

Riding a bike help families save money.

  • Families who have at least one person commuting by bike (instead of by car) save on average $8 per day which equates to $2,000 per year

Riding a bike can save you time

  • Riding a bike is often faster than driving during peak hours in urban areas for distances up to 10km

Riding a bike reduces the pressure on the public purse

  • For every 1km cycled, $1.42 of economic benefits are generated for the community

Riding a bike is a carbon-neutral, energy-efficient transport mode

  • In Australia, cars are responsible for roughly half of all transport-related greenhouse gas emissions.