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Activities to keep your mind active

Published: 9th April 2020

There are lots of creative things you can do while at home.

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Doing activities that we find enjoyable is not only a great way to relieve stress, but also gives us the opportunity to learn something new. Mastering new skills or completing a task gives us a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

During these challenging times, we encourage you to engage in some activities you find pleasurable. This may be resuming an old hobby you have put to the side or starting a new one.

We have listed some activities you can do from home!

  1. Start a vegetable or herb garden.
  2. Learn to bake healthy treats.
  3. Try new lunch or dinner recipes. We will be doing online cooking workshops on Wednesdays.
  4. Learn a dance form your favourite movie.
  5. Subscribe to a DIY YouTube channel – There are numerous tutorials online to help with your new project.
  6. Read a new novel – Cambridge Publishing, UK, offers online reading editions of their books, until May.
  7. Do a free online virtual tour of museums in Europe.
  8. Watch an online Broadway Musical.
  9. Get out your old board games or play online with friends.Take up meditation or mindfulness. Students can access free mindfulness sessions on Mondays.
  10. Create some at-home workouts or follow our workouts on Zoom on Fridays to keep you active.
  11. Get creative with writing – start a blog, journal or writing your own book.
  12. Discover a new TV series.
  13. Learn a new language or Auslan (sign language). The Auslan app is free to download until the end of May.
  14. Create a photobook using digital photos. Google ‘online photobook’.
  15. Start drawing, painting or colouring in.

Check out our social connection calendar or join our Social Connection Facebook group for other ways to keep connected with the Murdoch community!

Please remember Murdoch University Counselling Service is still open to help you. Our service is free to all enrolled students and our team of experienced, qualified counsellors is dedicated to promoting student wellbeing and resilience through online support. Find out how to make an appointment.